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End of Internet Explorer support Aug 17, 10:00-10:01 BST
We want to tell you about a change to our supported web browsers.

What's happening?

If you use Internet Explorer (IE) to access Engagement Cloud, you should choose a different web browser by August 17th, 2021. After this date, Engagement Cloud may not work correctly if you continue to use Internet Explorer.

Why are you ending support for Internet Explorer?

The latest version of Internet Explorer (version 11), was released in 2013. Due to its age, most companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are reducing or entirely dropping support, and now we’re following suit. We're committed to providing modern, fast experiences for Engagement Cloud users, and legacy browsers make it harder to offer you that experience.

August 17th 2021 will mark one year since Microsoft themselves announced the scheduled end of IE support for a wide range of their products, including Teams and Office 365.

Will this affect my contacts engaging with the messages I send, preference centres, unsubscribe pages or landing pages & forms they interact with?

No. We know some of your contacts may still use Internet Explorer for a while longer, so preference centres, landing pages and forms, and any other direct end-consumer visible pages will continue to be supported in as many different browsers and devices as possible.

What are your supported browsers?

You can find out all this information here.
Posted on Jul 9, 14:05 BST
Past Incidents
Aug 2, 2021

No incidents reported today.

Aug 1, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 31, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 30, 2021
Postmortem - Read details
Jul 30, 17:23 BST
Resolved - We're pleased to say manual refreshing is now available on our Ecommerce dashboards for the majority of our R3 customers. For now, we've needed to pause the auto-refreshing function of these dashboards for all R3 customers. And, there are a small number of customers who will currently not be able to refresh their Ecommerce dashboards at all (via automatic or manual methods). This is a temporary precaution we've needed to take to prevent a reoccurrence and will be removed soon.

Any campaigns that had earlier failed to send due to segments being unable to refresh will have been re-tried and will have successfully completed (approx. 6 hours after their scheduled time).

Sorry this incident happened and for the interruption it caused. We're going to write a report to share the specific details of today's issue and finalize our work on fully rectifying our Ecommerce dashboard refreshing. We'll attach it here when it's ready.
Jul 30, 17:08 BST
Monitoring - We've implemented a fix and are pleased to say segment refreshes and programs in R3 are back up and running as normal. We're still working on fully rectifying and stabilizing the Ecommerce Dashboards. We're continuing to resolve and monitor the situation, and we'll post another update soon.
Jul 30, 12:10 BST
Update - We're continuing to work with our third-party provider to resolve the issue in R3. In addition to the affected services mentioned in our last update, Ecommerce Dashboards will not be refreshing currently until we resolve the underlying issue. More news from us shortly.
Jul 30, 11:37 BST
Identified - We've located the issue with a third-party provider and we're working with them to resolve the issue. While we resolve this issue, we've needed to pause program enrollments too. This means all sends in our R3 region involving segment refreshes and driven by programs are currently in a paused state. Sends that aren't reliant on segments/programs will continue to complete successfully. We're working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We'll be back again with an update ASAP.
Jul 30, 10:22 BST
Investigating - We've discovered an intermittent issue with segment refreshes and Product Recommendations in our R3 region. We're working to fix it as quickly as possible. Sorry if this is affecting you, but things should be back to normal very soon. Look out for more news from us shortly.
Jul 30, 09:27 BST
Jul 29, 2021
Postmortem - Read details
Jul 30, 17:48 BST
Resolved - We've pinpointed the issue with our third-party provider and have now resolved the issue. We’ve monitored the situation for some time now and we’re confident this issue is resolved.
Sorry it happened and for the interruption it has caused today. We’re going to write a report to share the specific details of today’s issue. We’ll attach it here in a few days when it’s ready.
Jul 29, 21:07 BST
Update - We've made some additional adjustments to redirect our network traffic and we've seen a significant reduction in login issues in R2 and R3 regions. We've noticed the ongoing networking issues causing occasional issues with saving and/or displaying images within campaigns too. We're continuing to monitor the situation and will provide another update soon.
Jul 29, 19:35 BST
Update - We're sorry to say we're seeing some intermittent login issues again in our North America (R2) and Asia Pacific (R3) regions. We're continuing with our work to fully resolve the issue.
Jul 29, 18:42 BST
Monitoring - We're pleased to say we've resolved the intermittent login issues in our North America (R2) and Asia Pacific (R3) regions. We've traced the issue to a third-party provider and we've since added mitigation. We'll continue monitoring the situation.
Jul 29, 18:12 BST
Identified - All services in Europe (R1) continue to remain stable.
All services have now been restored in our North America (R2) and Asia Pacific (R3) regions. We have a backlog of email/SMS sends to process which will complete quickly. However, some customers in R2 and R3 will be experiencing intermittent login issues still. We're continuing to address the login issues and will post another update soon.
Jul 29, 17:00 BST
Update - In Europe (R1) region, we've restored all services. We have a backlog of email/SMS sends to process which will complete quickly.
In North American (R2) and Asia Pacific (R3) regions, all services including all email/SMS sends, importing/exporting contacts, program enrollments and segment refreshes remain offline at present. However, we're aiming to bring services in these regions back online shortly.
We'll provide another update as soon as we have more news. Thanks for your patience while we've been working on resolving this issue.
Jul 29, 16:42 BST
Update - We've now paused some additional services while we resolve the intermittent login issue. To confirm, all sending activity (email and SMS test/campaign sends) are still paused and additionally importing/exporting contacts, program enrollments, segment refreshes, etc are currently unavailable. We're really sorry about the disruption. We're working as quickly as possible to restore everything to normal.
Jul 29, 15:10 BST
Update - We’re making good progress on resolving the intermittent login issues. All sending services (in all regions) remain in a paused state, meaning test sends and campaign sends will be held in a queue until we restart services (at which point they'll be sent). Sorry about the disruption, folks. We’ll be back with another update very soon.
Jul 29, 14:17 BST
Investigating - Hey, folks. We're receiving some reports from customers experiencing intermittent login issues. We've temporarily paused services while we investigate the issues. We'll post an update as soon as we can.
Jul 29, 13:23 BST
Jul 28, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 27, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 26, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 25, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 24, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 23, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 22, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 21, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 20, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jul 19, 2021

No incidents reported.